Real Tax Reform – For All Taxes

As our Senator, Gerry Cardinale has been a leader in the fight for real property tax reform – not the election year “rebate” gimmick passed by the Trenton tax-borrow-and-spenders this spring.

Gerry’s plan is simple: make sure that Bergen County taxpayers get back in school aid what they send to the state to make school funding fair and equitable. Right now, if Bergen County schools received fair and equitable funding from the state, local property taxes would be reduced by nearly 30%.

Just as important, Gerry is working to make it harder for the politicians in Trenton to raise the income and sales tax by requiring a super-majority vote of the Legislature to increase taxes.

Controlling Government Spending

Gerry Cardinale has been the strongest voice in Trenton fighting the tax-borrow-and-spend mentality of the Democrat politicians who control the state’s purse strings.

As our Senator, Gerry led the fight against the double-digit spending increases the Trenton politicians have pushed for every year. He’s battled to reduce the wasteful political patronage spending that is costing taxpayers millions.

Just this spring, Gerry even presented a common-sense, alternative state budget that would have reduced spending and provided real money for property tax relief.

Now, Gerry Cardinale will work to impose a spending limit on government – because the politicians in Trenton can’t seem to limit themselves. Under the Cardinale plan, state spending increases can be no more than the rate of inflation. Period.

Illegal Immigration

Gerry Cardinale believes that America’s promise should be open to everyone – as long as they follow the rules in place to achieve citizenship. For illegal immigrants though, we need to get tougher.

Law-abiding, legal residents are spending tens of millions of dollars a year on public services for illegal immigrants who don’t pay taxes. Even worse, everyday costs for these services for legal citizens increases because of the stress illegal immigrants are putting on the system. It even trickles down to car insurance, because when illegal immigrants drive without insurance, they cause prices to rise for the rest of us.

By restricting public services to legal citizens, tax dollars can be better focused on other priorities: property tax relief, education, debt reduction and more. And by enforcing our laws on issues like drivers licensing, car insurance and more, we can save tax dollars in other areas as well.

Ending Corrupt Pay to Play Politics

All across Bergen County and New Jersey, the political patronage games played by the political bosses is costing taxpayers a fortune. That’s why Gerry Cardinale is standing up to the Bergen County Democrat machine’s efforts to sue the state and overturn pay-to-play restrictions.

Protecting Our Community

To Gerry Cardinale, being our Senator means more than just working for us in Trenton – it means getting involved with local issues here at home. That’s why he spends so much time traveling through our communities, attending meetings and listening to our needs and concerns.

Gerry Cardinale opposes the misguided effort to sell out the Turnpike and Garden State Parkway because all it will mean is higher tolls for Bergen County motorists. And, he is the only State Senator from our region who opposed the Federal Aviation Administration’s efforts to re-route air traffic over our communities.