Cardinale News Flash for Spicuzzo: Xanadu Is in Bergen County and Other Answers Every Sports Authority Nominee Should Know

November 23, 2009

John Lynch Apparently Didn’t Tell All He Knew at Halfway House

Senator Gerald Cardinale, senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he was appalled, but not surprised that lame-duck Governor Jon Corzine’s nominee for a seat on the New Jersey Sports Authority didn’t bother to prepare for serious questions during his confirmation hearing. Cardinale said he was just as shocked by reports that the candidate, Middlesex County Sheriff Joseph Spicuzzo, admitted he sought advice on his confirmation from a convicted felon, former Democrat Senator John Lynch.

“Questioning at this confirmation hearing turned up that the nominee hadn’t bothered to research the Sports Authority’s budget or how many people it employs,” Cardinale said. “These were not the responses that I expect from a person charged with monitoring a multi-million dollar budget and one of the nation’s premier sports venues.”

Cardinale also said he could only hope that it was a slip of the tongue when Spicuzzo said the stalled and problem-plagued Xanadu construction project would bring jobs to Middlesex County taxpayers. Xanadu is in Bergen County.

“John Lynch could have given a nice lesson in Xanadu geography when Spicuzzo called him at the halfway house,” Cardinale said. “Obviously, that wasn’t what the two men were talking about.”

Senator Cardinale urged Jon Corzine to heed Governor-elect Christie’s call and stop rushing nominees before committees for quick approval during Corzine’s waning days as governor.

“Chris Christie deserves to put in his own people to get the job done over the next four years, not try to get quality work from blasé, Democrat political appointees,” Cardinale said. “Rushing unprepared nominees through committee is just another example of why citizens voted overwhelmingly to throw out the Corzine administration. Governor Christie can’t take office soon enough.”