Cardinale Bill Mandates DUI Tests Be Given in English

September 15, 2010

Legislation Also Requires Drivers License Tests Be Given in English Only

Senator Gerald Cardinale, the ranking Republican Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, introduced legislation this week that would require the Motor Vehicle Commission to conduct driver’s license examinations only in English. The bill would also require that DUI breath test warnings and explanations be given in English only.

“It is indisputable that the common language of the road in New Jersey is English.” Cardinale began. “It is only common sense that drivers licensed to operate vehicles by the State of New Jersey are able to understand the common language that regulates traffic throughout the state.”

The legislation would compel the chief administrator of the MVC to ensure that all applicants for a New Jersey driver’s license demonstrate an ability to read, write and comprehend English in order to understand traffic signals or directions from law enforcement officials.

“This reform is an important piece of ensuring that New Jersey’s traffic woes are lessened over the long term,” Cardinale concluded. “When every licensed driver is able to comprehend the rules of the road it can only help relieve the road safety issues plagues us all. It’s a matter of public safety that everyone who uses our public roadways be able to follow traffic signs or police instructions; that can only be done if they understand English.”