Cardinale and Beck Want More Time and Information When Questioning Judges

Cardinale and Beck Want More Time and Information When Questioning Judges

September 14, 2009

In response to a complaint filed last week by the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct against Judge Steven Perskie, of Atlantic County, Senators Gerry Cardinale (R-Bergen) and Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) voiced concern with the vetting process of judicial nominees and the lack of time allotted to fully review each candidate.  The process must be reformed so that the committee has enough time and resources to fully review a candidate the Senators commented.

“As members of the Judiciary Committee, we take seriously our responsibility to fully scrutinize all judicial candidates, ” Senator Cardinale stated. “We need the relevant information to closely review a candidate’s experience, credentials and any and all complaints levied against him or her so that only the best, brightest and most ethical are allowed to serve.”

“The appointment, review, and confirmation of judges is a vital task for ensuring a fair and impartial court, ” Beck said. “Now that it appears that Judge Perskie may have perjured himself before the Judiciary Committee we must recall him. If it is determined that he did perjure himself the committee must issue a reprimand otherwise the oath that those appearing before the committee take is all but meaningless”

“A thorough review of all nominees will create more trust and greater accountability in our courthouses,” Cardinale continued. “The review process must be structured so that ample time is set aside and every bit of information needed is gathered to ensure we are nominating and confirming the best candidates possible.”

“A strong and fair judiciary is essential in a democratic society, ” Beck concluded. “Ensuring each judicial nominee is completely candid with the Judiciary Committee so that they can be thoroughly vetted. This process will prevent inexperienced and flawed candidates from taking the bench.”

The following is the Complaint filed by the Advisory Committee: